Detailed list of services

Quantum Interactive offers a host of services to increase brand potency and effectiveness. Here is a detailed list of some services offered:

Blog Link and Setup
Quantum Interactive will set up an online blog so that you may upload content quickly and easily. We can consult, edit, and create blog posts on your behalf, tailored to your own writing style.

Community and Blogger Interaction
Quantum Interactive can create online buzz by way of the “blogosphere.”

Corporate Portal
Quantum Interactive will create brand and business splash pages and/or website to tie your commercial and professional pursuits to your personal brand.

Domain Offers
Quantum Interactive will engage in negotiations and make offers to acquire web domains that coincide with the client’s personal brand, which maintains integrity of the official web presence.

Email Newsletter Templates
Quantum Interactive will create an email newsletter template that can be used to send to your email subscribers.

External Blog/Website Issue Assistance
Quantum Interactive will make efforts to mediate issues and remove bad press on external websites and blogs through non-confrontational interaction, ultimately seeking mutually-beneficial resolutions.

Fav-Icon Creation
Quantum Interactive will create a Fav-icon for the client, which appears on the title bars of websites, desktop shortcuts, and on the bookmark lists of web browsers.

“Google Me”
Quantum interactive will strategically integrate Google into your webpage, allowing visitors to “Google” you to find interesting and relevant 3rd party content.

LinkedIn Marketing Stealth Recommendation Blast
Details of this service will be discussed with the Quantum Interactive Marketing Team.

Microcommunity Research and Involvement
Microcommunities provides contact with an extremely targeted niche population; placement in appropriate microcommunities have the potential to yield higher traffics for businesses.

Monitoring and Reporting
Quantum Interactive provides professional human analysis combined with web analytics and conversion information.

"My Favorite Music"
Quantum Interactive will create links of your favorite music that will send visitors directly to the Apple ITunes affiliate store, generating revenue from referral purchases at Apple.

Online Photo Syndication
Quantum Interactive will upload and syndicate photo content on up to 5 relevant photo sharing sites. Quantum Interactive will watermark photos, and place identification tags, captions, and titles on photographs that are uploaded to networks.

Online Video Content Production
Quantum interactive will produce and edit video content for client branding through in-house videographers and editors. Samples include: lecture/speech filming, editing and rendering, video archive rendering, video-montage and slideshow creation, etc.

Personal Brand Scorecard
Quantum Interactive will produce a quarterly or monthly scorecard for the client’s online brand. This scorecard will include search query results, will inventory the client’s online presence through social networks and press, and will provide suggestions for increasing online relevance.

Philanthropy Set-up
Quantum Interactive will link your personal brand to a non-profit organization. Quantum Interactive will set up an account and contributor page that will allow you to take donations. Quantum Interactive can also strategically design and create a charity for you to support and associate with.

Press Links
Quantum Interactive will assemble a press link that will allow users to see all relevant press associated with your brand. We will harvest, scan, and prepare press releases on your behalf.

Quote Uploading and Agreggation
Quantum Interactive will collect your quotes and upload them to various quote databases online. We will post your own favorite quotes to your website, drawing upon famous existing quotes to bring new visitors through Associative Power Branding.

Search Result Maintenance
Quantum Interactive will monitor web, news, photo, video, and blog results from the four largest search engines online: Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, and Ask. Quantum Interactive will also register and submit the client’s websites to these search engines.

Social Media Branding
Social Media Branding creates a vast network of your approved content, and serves as free advertising for your personal brand. It increases your involvement with popular networks online, and greatly improves positive exposure in the internet community.

Social Media Distribution
Quantum Interactive specializes in targeted online media distribution strategy, which has proven to be essential in our web 2.0 environment.

Social Media Strategy Development
Quantum Interactive will create and implement a custom strategy based on timeframe, target demographic and desired public image.

Social Network Profile Creation and Replication
Quantum Interactive will create accounts for, and syndicate personal brand content on up to 25 top social networking sites.

Stealth Marketing
The details of Online Stealth Marketing are revolutionary and highly-sensitive, and will be discussed with you during a private meeting with a Quantum Interactive marketing strategist.

Target Network Boosting
Quantum Interactive will strategically add friends to social networks, and focus on goal-based or underrepresented demographics to increase online buzz.

Video Upload Network Syndication
Quantum Interactive will upload and syndicate client video content on up to 10 relevant video sharing sites. All videos created by Quantum Interactive can be uploaded and syndicated.

Web Design
Quantum Interactive’s in-house design team will create a central website for the client, which will be the final destination of all traffic. Quantum Interactive web design employs the use of the latest techniques in a changing online environment.

Wikipedia Monitoring
If the client exists on the reference site, Quantum Interactive will monitor the article, checking for truthfulness and accuracy.

Quantum Interactive will create Amazon wishlists of your favorite products that will increase your personal brand’s Associtative Internet Footprint.

Writing and Authorship
Quantum Interactive has a skilled team of writers who can craft and edit your comments, blog posts, quotes and branding content to promote your personal brand.

"Your Books" / Favorite Books
Quantum Interactive will post links to your published works on your webpage, along with allowing users to go through your site to purchase your “favorites” from premium retailers like and Barnes and Noble Booksellers, generating revenue from referral purchases.

"Your Sound"
Quantum Interactive will create a trademark-able sound byte that will represent the client, which can exist on a wide range of networks and websites.